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Whatever tyres are fitted to your motorhome, it is essential to the safety and stability of the combination that all tyres are correctly inflated for the applied load. Tyres that are under-inflated are much more likely to suffer from a sudden rapid deflation which can cause loss of control of the vehicle.

Fitting the right motorhome tyres

As with all road vehicles, it is essential that tyres of the correct specification be fitted. It is always advisable to have the same construction of tyres on all wheels. Only tyres of equal size and service description (Load Index/Speed Symbol) and identical wheels should be fitted across an axle and carried as a spare.

Tyre pressures across an axle should be equal. Tyres originally fitted to motorhomes are usually of a Light Commercial (“C” or “CP”) type. CP-type tyres are now widely used as they have been designed to cater for the higher loads imposed by motorhomes, especially when fitted in a single formation on the rear axle.

The original tyre specification should not be changed without consulting either the vehicle or tyre manufacturer. Deviating from the original specification of tyre is likely to have an effect on the handling and general characteristics of the vehicle. Never replace the tyres with ones of a lower speed rating or load capacity.

Most tyres in current use will be of a ‘tubeless’ construction, although some older vehicles may have ‘tube type’ tyres fitted. If the tyre is marked ‘tube type’ it is important the correct size of tube is used. If converting from ‘tube type’ tyres to ‘tubeless’ radials, the wheel must be of the ‘safety’ type. Consult a tyre expert before carrying out such a conversion. If travelling abroad during the winter season, some countries stipulate appropriate winter tyres are fitted to the vehicle. Even if the country being visited does not employ such a legal requirement it is always a good practice to fit tyres that are appropriate for the road/weather conditions. Consult the tyre manufacturer.

Watch your Speed

Never exceed the speed limit. This may seem an obvious recommendation, but with motorhomes the vehicle load and load distribution is often different from that of more conventional road vehicles, resulting in unique handling characteristics. Drive at a speed that is comfortable for both you and the vehicle. 

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