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Each Coachman caravan is built to the highest standards using state-of-the-art construction methods and materials and finished with the highest levels of specification and features. Coachman, strive to move forward in their quest to create the perfect caravan.

Whether you’re considering one of the following caravans from the Coachman range you can be rest assured the caravan is built to the highest standards with normal optional extras as standard.

Coachman Caravan Range includes:

Comes in 8 models which are:
460 – 2 Berth
520 – 3 Berth
545, 565 & 575 – 4 Berth
830 XCEL & 860 XCEL – 5 Berth
875 XCEL – 4 Berth

Comes in 5 models which are:
460 – 2 Berth
520 – 3 Berth
545, 565 & 575 – 4 Berth

Comes in 4 models which are:
575 XCEL – 4 Berth
650, 665, 675 – 4 Berth

Comes in 3 models which are:
845, 850 & 875 – 4 Berth

There is only 1 model in the range which is:
Lusso – 4 Berth

Fitting the right tyre via mobile fitting or mail order

New Caravans

If you have bought a new caravan and are new to caravanning, you should be able to assume that the specifications of the wheels and tyres are appropriate. The correct inflation pressure should be indicated in the caravan handbook, and is sometimes marked on the wheel arch for convenience too.

Many new caravans come equipped with a spare wheel, but this is not a legal requirement. If you get one as standard, it should be the same or equivalent specification of wheel and tyre as the others. If you need to buy a spare separately, make sure both the wheel and tyre are suitable, and compatible with the original ones.

We strongly advise carrying a spare wheel and tyre.

Caravan manufacturers tend to buy tyres in bulk, and it may take them some time to use up their stock. This is not necessarily a problem if the tyres have been stored in suitable conditions of temperature, humidity and light. Any time the caravan has been stored awaiting sale or delivery should be counted as time during which the tyres will have started to age.

Caravan Tyre Safety

Whatever tyres are fitted to the towing car, caravan, trailer tent or motorhome, it is essential to the safety and stability of the combination that all tyres are correctly inflated for the applied load. Tyres that are under-inflated are much more likely to suffer from a sudden rapid deflation which can cause loss of control of the vehicle.

Keeping tyres correctly inflated ensures an even wear rate leading to longer tyre life. Under-inflated tyres places excess loads on the outer edges of the tyre, causing the shoulders to wear more rapidly. Over-inflated tyres will experience higher wear rates in the centre of the tread.


The National Caravan Council’s Caravan Towing Guide recommends that the noseweight should be varied to find the optimum for towing depending upon the actual laden weight of the caravan. Experience and research has found that the noseweight should be around 5% – 7% of the actual laden weight for optimum stability. However, this may be restricted by the towing vehicle manufacturer’s limit and the caravan’s hitch limit. If there is insufficient weight on the hitch the caravan may snake leading to instability and control issues. 

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